How I got started learning about Product Management (for free!)

Learn the core topics

My first step in learning any new subject is to find out what the core topics are and learn those. Sure, Product Management is a role with varying definitions, depending on companies. But there’s some core knowledge that will be useful, even if it’s not your responsibility in your current role.

Get hands-on with the tools

Start using some of the tools that will help with Product Management. There’s no replacement for getting stuck in and using something. And you can use these to help structure your learning and store your notes.

Make amazing content come to you

So you’re getting up to speed with the core topics. Now it’s time to start finding more product topics to get excited about. You could go out and do your research. Or, you could follow inspiring product thinkers who will bring great content straight to you. There are so many ways to get good content. Cutting the list down to fit here was the hardest part of writing this. But here are some starter ideas that have worked for me.

Practice what you’ve learned

If you’re lucky enough to get dropped into Product Manager responsibilities like I was, then get stuck in. Learning on a job is tough but speeds up your learning exponentially. And Product Management is all about experimenting and iterating. Try something new, evaluate and adjust.



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