I’ve recently rehomed a puppy* and while he’s not in need of much tech, I found myself wanting a better way to track his training. So I built myself a quick no-code app in one afternoon. Here’s how I did it, the tool I used, and what I learned, for anyone who wants to have a go at something similar.

I wanted a tool that would help me track his training and fitted my needs exactly, unlike app store offerings. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle with puppy training, so it helps to see the progress overall. Plus, my…

For the last year, I’ve been busy learning all about Product Management. I was lucky enough to get hands-on experience in the role. And just jumping straight in was the fastest way for me to learn. But I want to know what great looks like in this role and what the tips and tricks are for best practices. Plus, I have found Product Management skills are handy in a bunch of other ways. From how you approach personal projects to thinking about your career.

Luckily, there are loads of free resources out there! And the Product Management community is brilliant…

Sara Price

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