How I made a puppy training app in an afternoon

Three screenshots from a mobile. First shows a table of data about dog training and two buttons at the bottom for Skills and Training. The second shows a training log form with fields for skills, time, date and rating. Third shows a loading screen with a photo of a cute, scruffy black puppy.

What did I learn?

What did the users need?

What did I use to build it?

Screenshot from a website, of three dogs with profiles like on a careers site. Each has a job title and intro: Chief Support Officer, VP of Food and VP of Fetch.

How did I build it?

The back and front of a large green post-it note, covered in scribbed notes and to do lists.
Screenshot from the AppSheet website, showing the editing of data tables and columns on left of screen and on the right there’s a mobile-sized view of the app showing how that data looks in a view on the app.

What next?

  • Bulk add training done at the same time of day.
  • Add some way to track types of distraction.
  • Tidy up the main pages to hide system fields and cut down on the noise.
  • A ‘today’ summary for my partner.
Photo from above of a very fluffy black cat curled up asleep on a cat tree and below a scruffy black puppy in a puppy pen. The puppy is licking his own nose.




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